Volunteers Needed

We can't do this without your help. Listed below are the committees that make our event successful. Please contact the commitee chair in the area where you would like to help or review our detailed list of volunteer jobs.

Co-Presidents Becky Obbema (Live Oak)
  Jana Levic (Ann Sobrato)
Treasurer Sharon Stoner
Secretary Cynthia Pozas
Corporate Sponsors Cynthia Calvin
  Becky Obbema
Media Sponsors Jona Denz-Hamilton
Participating Wineries Jeff Conforti
  Martin Groen
Participating Restaurants Veronica Hoyle-Kent
  Jean Southland
Aucton Item Organizers Kristen Schoepe
  Cynthia Pozas
  Leslie Hartl
  Andrea Pasek
Auction Item Presentation Jana Levic
Wine Vault Jana Levic
Winery Item Donations Jeff Conforti
  Martin Groen
Team Donation Rep- Sobrato Marilyn Burke
Team Donation Items - Live Oak Tirina Barnes
Ticket Sales OPEN
Yahoo Community Communication Marilyn Burke
Website Elizabeth Mandel
Postcards / Flyers / Posters Cynthia Calvin
/ Tickets / Printing  
Flyer / Poster Distribution Donna Cowan
Publicity OPEN
Banners Danielle Conlan
Decorations Committee Jana Levic
Logistics - Venue Layout Jana Levic
Event / Aucton Booklet Kristen Schoepe
  Cynthia Pozas
  Andrea Pasek
Event Night Timeline Becky Obbema
Event Emcee Jona Denz-Hamilton
Auctioneer Jim Carrillo
Event Night Volunteers (for Live Auction, Silent Auction, Servers, Recorders, Kitchen, Decorations, Set Up, Tear Down, Clean Up, ...) Lori Foster
Kitchen Commttee Cynthia Calvin
Photography Mary Anne Groen
Sound System / Entertainment Mike Tatarakis
Check in Committee Sandra Roman
Check out Committee Donna Brusachetti
Clean Up Organizer OPEN
Clean Up Crew Live Oak